Media from IMA 2011

Concert DVD

Press coverage


Avery Amero...and she can sing, too!
Raphaela Papadakis ready for Ascot!
the park at the monastery
Brian Zeger and Edith Wiens enjoying a laugh at Bayreuth
Waiting backstage
Yes, they all survived....
The IMA float in the Volksfest Parade
Sunset over Neumarkt
John Brancy conquers Bayreuth
John, Avery, Evan, Raphaela at the monastery park
With Eva Wagner-Pasquier at the Bayreuther Festspiele
A rainbow over "our" buildings
Simone Easthope as Miss Australia
lovely Kateryna Kasper-Machula
Erin Snell backstage
our castle
Armin Zanner backstage with John and Evan
More press for Erin, Raphaela, Avery, Wally!!
All of IMA after the Gala
one of Armin´s classrooms...
Watching Simone Easthope as Adele  - backstage
More WOW!
Malcolm Martineau with Wally, John and Jonathan
Tobias Greenhalgh hiking around Neumarkt
Evan Hughes am Nachdenken....
Beautiful couple -- John and Wally
All after Liederabend
All and Maestro Rilling
Edith Wiens in an interview
Gerard Collett and Jonathan Ware  at the Opening Ceremony
Edith Wiens speaking at the Opening Ceremony
Festbier with Dr. Moritz and Frau Rödl from the Council of the Arts in Neumarkt
Wallis Giunta and the Lord Mayor of Neumarkt at the Volksfest
The Lord Mayor with Evan, Tobias, Lara, Avery, and Erin at the Volksfest
Fun at the Volksfest Parade - "our" tractor!
Our own float at the Volksfest Parade - Erin, Raphaela, Tobias, Patrick, John
Wally enjoying the tradition of throwing candy from the float
Simone Easthope and Jonathan Ware performing at the Opening Ceremony
Jonathan Ware - our Wigmore Winner
Ridiculously happy
The best Nick Shadow ever -- Even Hughes at the Opening Ceremony
Nathalie Mittelbach at the Opening Ceremony
John Brancy  and Jonathan Ware at the Opening Ceremony
Prof. Martin Ullrich, President of the Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg
His Excellency the Minister of Culture Dr. Heubisch
Patrick Vogel and Jonathan Ware performing at the Opening Ceremony
Wally busty bavarian bier maiden