Artistic Collaborations

With Eva wagner-Pasquier at the Beyreuther Festspiele All and Maestro Rilling

Bayreuther Festspiele

Eva Wagner-Pasquier has kindly consented to our young artists attending the General Rehearsals of the Festspiele free of charge. The IMA will provide transportation.

Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra

The Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra will accompany our opera gala concert as well as concerts in Nuremberg.

Internationale Hugo-Wolf-Akademie

Together with the directors of the IMA, the Hugo-Wolf-Akademie will choose soloists for recitals in the following season in Stuttgart. These recitals will take place in the main series of the Hugo-Wolf-Akademie. We are very grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

Bavarian Radio, Studio Franken

The Bavarian Radio/Studio Franken will record and broadcast our concerts. Interviews and publicity is planned to create a broader audience for our artists.